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Tired All The Time? | What Causes Fatigue?

Feeling as if you are tired all the time? Join Dr. Dominic Rowley as he explains some causes of fatigue and the common medical symptom "Tired All The Time" or TATT.

See below for an overview of points covered in this video.

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0:15 - What does being "tired all the time" mean?
0:52 - What causes being tired all the time?
3:25 - How can I get tested?
3:48 - Other symptoms?

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ItzAddie : I workout in the morning, then shower and after that I feel so tired and nauseated... What should I do?
leo fred : I was able to eliminate my Herpes completely with some herbal medication I got from Dr Ozuka
RC Lastname : I drag myself just to walk around the house
Ycz Creative : Your voice makes me sleepy
Lobserionia : I am so tired that i can not breath deeply more two times.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

This video delves into the underlying mechanisms, symptoms, lifestyle and treatment associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. The purpose of this video is to educate a general audience about chronic fatigue syndrome, its diagnosis, and treatment (or lack of treatment options).

Please look at the following links to gain more information:

PACE trial reanalysis: https://t.co/aPGuX9aIpg and https://t.co/as6cZKsf6h
PACE trail: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21334061

This video was made by Demystifying Medicine students: Sabrina Garritano, Angelica Dimita, Hayley Duff, and Desmond Chan

Copyright McMaster University 2018


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Simon Welsch : Mein Name ist Simon Welsch. Ich bin Sportwissenschaftler und Therapeut für klinische Psychoneuroimmunologie. Gemeinsam mit dem Mojo-Institut (www.mojo-institut.de) suche ich nach Möglichkeiten Menschen mit mitochondrialen Dysfunktionen durch eine gezielte Therapie zu mehr Lebensqualität zu verhelfen.

Dies funktioniert mit einer umfangreichen Diagnostik, Deep Learning zu dem jeweiligen Krankheitsbild, dem Einsatz von hormetischen Reizen, Mikronährstofftherapie und Ernährungsoptimierung. Um diese Therapieform so präzise wie möglich zu machen, suche ich nach Menschen, die sich bereit erklären ein paar Fragen zu sich, ihren Lebensumständen und den Herausforderungen, die mit ihrer Erkrankung einhergehen zu beantworten.

Alle Antworten werden anonymisiert und helfen uns dabei ein bessere Therapie zu entwickeln.Vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen!
Den Fragebogen findet ihr hier:
M. H. : XMRV
Lucas de Great : I ones has shingles and it was very painful, and my diverticulitis disease was hell for me as well. I am glad that today Dr Madida I met on YouTube was able to help me cure them all with his herbs.
N A L U . K : this pandemic affects us indirectly. Praying this madness ends and our lives be back to normal.
luqman hakim : Im 21 years old male and hate this feeling, going to the class not pay any attention what lecturer says, driving 45 km from my home to the campus, i almost hit the vehicle everytime im on the highway i can't focus/brain fog this things is so dreadful.. many blood test, xray could'nt find anything should i go test for ms i always have muscle pain, back pain etc.

Cancer symptom management: fatigue

Learn how to manage fatigue.




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