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[맥북으로 사역하기] iBooks Author로 E-book 만들기

2020년 총회 여름성경학교 영상 큐티

드롭박스 링크
: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/svif40unrs4xsoj/AADWP-07PPArXRyqKz1OUy8za?dl=0

Help with iBooks

Pause / Rewind / Replay. Watch at your pace, learn it your way.
A run-down of the basic and most helpful features in iBooks.

These tips will help you get the most out of your iPads in the office, in the classroom and at home.
My_Petrol_Romance : Isn’t there supposed to be a page turning sound
Arie Kaizer : I like to read my books in portrait mode. Unfortunately ibooks switch to two columns view when fonts are small. This is very unwanted behavior. Only when i increase the font size it switches back to one column, but the fonts get much too large. How can i force ibooks to one column mode?
Miss Mio : Why I can’t see the notes part on my ipad
Jodie 98 : How do you delete books that are hidden
Carlitox b : If you can get an Apple Pencil iBooks is a no brainer

iBooks Author에 대해 알아보자 (학교 과제)

한 시간이나 걸린 학교 과제 ~~
아이셔 : 애플북스에서 왜 한국 책이 하나도 없죠??? ㅠㅠ




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