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Sleeved Catheter Suction Technique

This video demonstrates how to suction a patient’s tracheostomy tube using a sleeved suction catheter.

PHS created this video as a companion to our online education course for nurses. The video assumes an understanding of medical and technical information. Information in the video does not replace your care plan. Contact your health care provider if you have questions. You can find PHS online courses at

Nasotracheal Suctioning - 3D training animation

Nasotracheal suctioning is used to remove secretions from the pharynx by a suction catheter inserted through the nostril. The surgical procedure is safe, and an effective alternative to oral suctioning, especially for patients with oral obstructions such as loose dentures or patients who are unable to cooperate with oral suctioning.

Developed for medical training and patient education.

For more information about custom 3D animation, please visit
Antonino Balce : %%
Malicious Affection : I have not seen a single patient cooperate for an NTS... EVER
Prince Arthur : Excellent presentation!
Allah is almighty : .
hcm consulting : May i know when inserting the suction catheter till the person cough, does it means i shld stop inserting and start suctioning? Or continue to insert till meet with resistance?

Tracheostomy Suctioning Tutorial




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